Would Hemingway Use It


Designed like an old-fashioned typewriter, the Hemingwrite is a single purpose writing device. Combining the simplicity of 80s era word processors with modern tech, such as wifi, Bluetooth and cloud backup to Google docs and Evernote, the retro-modern tool aims to provide a distraction free writing environment for the user. Not yet for sale, the Hemingwrite  will offer a one million plus page memory, a six-inch E ink screen, six plus week battery life, a mechanical keyboard and high contrast, backlit screen for indoor or outdoor use.

Is the possibility of distraction-free writing really worth the limitations of this kind of writing device ? Having written grad school papers and even books on old-fashioned word processors, I can’t imagine being very tempted to purchase this sort of regressive device. But it does look neat. So maybe if the price was right, who knows ?



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1 Response to Would Hemingway Use It

  1. Thommen Jose says:

    Hemingway used to write on his feet – a healthy way to go about it (also if you are sort of restless). Now, if you are calling this after the writer, i hope the letterboard will be angled also in such a way as to suit writing, standing. I write on my feet, but the laptop keyboard gives me a crick in the neck.

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