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Alice Through The Looking Glass

How paradoxical that this astonishing mural project is on the wall of an abandoned school in South Shields, England. The incredible painting, a collaborative work by street artists Irony and Frank Styles, depicts Alice from Lewis Carroll’s classic novel. Part … Continue reading

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The Final Test of Truth Is Ridicule

Today I wish that I could be in Paris to participate in the march commemorating the victims of this week’s terror attacks. I’m sure that many, if not most of you, feel the same way. But it’s even more important … Continue reading

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Start Planning Now

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology is searching for another Earth—and not a minute too soon. They’re also getting a jump on potential interplanetary tourism with a clever series of retro-styled exoplanet travel posters. It’s never … Continue reading

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The Unfriendly Skies

The Cooper Review, a very funny satirical blog edited by writer/comedian Sarah Cooper, recently posted this funny but true airplane seating chart. Although she’s chosen to specifically skewer Delta, it sure applies to every air carrier that I’ve flown in … Continue reading

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Paper People

I first stumbled upon some of French street artist Charles Leval’s (aka Levalet) imaginative paste-ups of black and white figures last year in Paris. Thanks to TBTP reader Maria Milan, here’s a series of his reading related pieces. Some were … Continue reading

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Paris, Je T’aime


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Time and Again

Between 2012 and 2014, photographer Kien Lam traveled 80,000 miles through 15 countries snapping thousands of photos along the way. When he returned home, he turned them into this joyous, frenetic, amped-up time-lapse video called “Time and Again”. You can … Continue reading

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Mapping Monsters in America

Hog Island Press is a well regarded print shop in historic Philadelphia. They recently created this terrific map that “documents” our unique American cryptozoology. I can’t vouch for Mothman or Big Foot, but I did spot the Jersey Devil once … Continue reading

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Optic of the Curve

Over the course of an entire year, London-based conceptual artist and photographer Rolf Sachs took a series of captivating photographs that straddle the line between abstract art and landscape photography. Taken from moving trains, “Camera in Motion: From Chur to … Continue reading

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Ink on the Tracks

London-based artist Simon Jones imagines what classic album tracks would look like as well-thumbed paperback books. He lines up the “used paperbacks” with the book spines each featuring a song title from the same album. You can see more (and … Continue reading

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