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Almost as good as being there

The modern poster dates back to the late 19th century when the printing industry perfected color lithography. This advance in printing allowed the whole new art form of color posters to flourish. Advertising agencies were quick to exploit the new … Continue reading

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United For Ukraine

One of the largest creative agencies in the UK has launched an advertising campaign supporting the rebuilding of Ukraine through  #united24  The Pablo Agency, has created retro-style tourist posters that invite you to Ukraine. They show historical buildings and tourist … Continue reading

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Welcome to the AI Generation

It seems that each day we are introduced to yet another form of AI-generated art, literature, news, or advertising. This series of AI-generated travel posters, commissioned from research lab Midjourney for the luggage storage company Stasher, is the inevitable blend of … Continue reading

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Cranes are flying

The end of the year always seems like the appropriate time to clear out my overwhelming cache of saved images. Of course there are lots of travel posters. This time I found a small collection of Japanese travel related posters. … Continue reading

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But, Where Are You Really From

Most folks go through life without ever being asked “where are you really from”, but people from a minority ethnic background or mixed racial heritage are frequently subjected to the intrusive question. Here in North America this is an all to common … Continue reading

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Travel To Middle Earth

If you regularly visit Travel Between The Pages you will know that I am a life-long LOTR fan and that I love a good travel poster. This beautiful set of Tolkien themed travel posters is the work of LA-based artist … Continue reading

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It’s a long way to Rome


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The Art of Travel Posters

The digital marketing agency, lacuna 5, has teamed up with artsupplies.co.uk to create a series of vintage-style travel posters inspired by famous artists from around the world. Before designing the posters they posed the question: “what would travel posters look … Continue reading

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Travel Further Than You Think

Those of you who stop by TBTP on a regular basis know that I have a soft spot for travel posters. So, of course I love these brilliant and colorful railway ads for SNCF. Illustrators Wenyi Geng and Olivier Bonhomme … Continue reading

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Travel Thursday


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