London is Changing


The public art project London is Changing has been exposing some uncomfortable truths about Britain’s great city. While we visitors and tourists wander about enjoying our time in London, residents are trying to cope with a city that has become increasingly unaffordable for locals, especially young people and creative.


Created by Rebecca Ross and Duarte Carrilho de Graça, the project collects personal views on the ever morphing city at a website and shares the messages on digital billboards in Holborn and Aldgate. Most of the quotes are downright depressing, but some still celebrate London’s magic. You see them all at the website London is Changing.







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2 Responses to London is Changing

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these! They were thought provoking. It’s sad to see the way tourism can sometimes change a city, and how unemployment makes qualified people unable to be in a place they love.

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