Be not inhospitable to strangers


For book lovers around the world, Shakespeare and Company in the heart of Paris is emblematic of the ideal independent bookshop. Even bibliophiles who have never been to Paris feel as though they know Shakespeare and Company. After all, it’s appeared in nearly every magazine story and internet article on the world’s best bookstores for decades. I first fell in love with the iconic shop years ago on my first trip to France and I return to Shakespeare and Company ever time that I’m in Paris.



Now after almost 96 years in business (64 years in the current location at 37 rue de la Bucherie) the beloved bookstore is expanding and adding its own café. The iconic bookseller is taking over the next door building which has been vacant for many decades. When the café opens this Fall, they will be serving coffee from the local roaster Lomi, America-style baked goods, and even bagels.



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1 Response to Be not inhospitable to strangers

  1. I stayed nearby there when I was in Paris. We walked by every morning and night while exploring. I love that store. I’m kind of sorry to hear it’s changing. I hope it doesn’t affect its charm.

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