A Travel Guide With Heart


The popular French travel guide publisher Le Guide du Routard has created a wonderful new 90 page graphic guidebook for migrants and refugees in Europe. Titled Hello, and illustrated by French artist Pascal Gauffre, the handbook allows communication by simply pointing at images. The guide is divided into helpful categories that include “Practical Information”, “Accommodation”, “Health & Hygiene” , “Food”, and “Leisure”. The initial print run of 5,000 copies was co-funded by Le Guide du Routard and French travel agency Voyageurs du Monde. The handbook will also be available as a pdf and an ebook.







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3 Responses to A Travel Guide With Heart

  1. Michael says:

    Funny how the guy in the pictures looks nothing like the migrants and refugees we see on tv. His interests seem to be quite different too, I wonder what is the source of this discrepancy. Does the artist not know the reality or does he consciously try to image the migrants as European as possible?

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