2001: A Blog Odyssey


While I was otherwise engaged, Travel Between The Pages somehow managed to publish 2000 posts. To be honest, I launched the blog five years ago on a whim with no long term plan, or goal for that matter. I did, however, hope that some of my enthusiasm for books, art and travel would be contagious. And, of course, I hoped that the blog would be entertaining.

My one steadfast rule was to keep the blog a non-commercial project, and I am pleased to say that I’ve stuck to that guideline. Not that I’ve been bombarded with advertising offers, but I have consistently refused paid posts and ads.

Early on, when I was busier with work and travel commitments, I relied heavily on guest posts and reader suggestions for posts. Many thanks to all of you who made contributions and suggestions. I probably would have posted less often without the generous support from dozens of TBTP followers; we certainly would not be “celebrating” the 2001st post today.

I would also like to express my gratitude for your comments, “likes”, emails, personal messages, and critiques. Over the years I’ve been happily surprised by the positivity and thoughtful feedback. It has certainly motivated me to continue the project. Please keep your comments and input coming, I sincerely value the feedback.

Over the years, I have often thought of TBTP as a diverting hobby that serendipitously brought me thousands of “digital” friends from around the world. But more recently it has become clear that the freedom to indulge my whims online is a right not to be taken lightly or frivolously. Rarely a week goes by without a new story about bloggers being assaulted, harassed, imprisoned, or even murdered for the simple act of posting opinions, thoughts or ideas online. In the past few months, bloggers have been brutally murdered in Bangladesh, jailed and flogged in Saudi Arabia, assaulted in Russia, fined and imprisoned in Singapore, persecuted in China, and the list goes on and on. In other countries, bloggers are mercilessly trolled and harassed into silence.

With your support, I hope to continue the odyssey of this little blog. Over the next 2001 posts, I look forward to adding something worthwhile to your days. And even if it won’t be of earthshaking significance, at least I hope that it will be entertaining, enjoyable, enlightening, or diverting.




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3 Responses to 2001: A Blog Odyssey

  1. Susan says:

    Congratulations on 2001! I always enjoy finding your latest post in my in box each morning. Wishing you continued happy travels and happy blogging!

  2. Mary L Kuster says:

    Bravo Brian. I enjoy each blog daily

  3. Ed Kohlhepp says:

    Brian, keep up the good work! I enjoy the diversity.

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