Banksy vs France


After Banksy’s controversial but surprisingly successful Dismaland installation closed last year, it was announced that the buildings and sets that comprised the attraction would be dismantled and shipped to Calais, France to provide shelter at the refugee camp known as “The Jungle”. The materials have been used to create housing, a recreation area and community center in the camp that houses over 7000 people.


France is a new obsession for the anonymous street artist, who has unveiled a new piece near to the French Embassy on London. The work is a reinterpretation of the logo for the long running musical based on Victor Hugo’s novel Les Miserables. The sad image of a young girl carrying the tricolore flag emerging from a tear gas canister, is a response to the French authorities use of CS gas when attempting to clear part of the site. The wall art includes a QR code that links to footage showing the heavy -handed tactics of the French police.

In December, the elusive British street artist also painted a piece showing the late Steve Jobs as a refugee. The work has since been vandalized a number of times, apparently by refugees at the camp. Maybe they knew that Jobs was not a refugee or migrant, but US born, although his biological father was Syrian by birth.



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1 Response to Banksy vs France

  1. MuralForm says:

    I read somewhere Steve Jobs was a refugee and believed it,, ah there’s a sucker born every minute. I still like the piece.

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