Airbnb for Bikes


Copenhagen-based Donkey Republic has created what just may be a better alternative to city bike-sharing programs. AirDonkey users log-on with a simple app and reserve a bike within a chosen “hub” area. The app’s map guides the renter to a bike, which is secured with a Bluetooth-enabled lock. The renter simply unlocks the bike with their phone and rides away. The rentals cost about €10 per day or €42 weekly and just need to be returned to the hub area.


What’s different about AirDonkey is the partnership with private bike shops and individual bike owners. Instead of relying on city-owned, corporate sponsored bike-sharing programs with limited rental locations and a small number of bikes, users have access to bicycles throughout an urban area. The video below explains it all.

AirDonkey bikes are currently available in Copenhagen, but will be popping up by this summer in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Israel, New Zealand, and in select U.S. cities.



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