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Airbnb for Bikes

Copenhagen-based Donkey Republic has created what just may be a better alternative to city bike-sharing programs. AirDonkey users log-on with a simple app and reserve a bike within a chosen “hub” area. The app’s map guides the renter to a … Continue reading

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Is Paris Going Green

On my short visit to Paris last month, I heard about the city’s next step in its ongoing urban sustainability project, but never got to see the participants first-hand. Along with the wildly popular Velib bike sharing system, Paris is … Continue reading

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Autolib’ Has Arrived

On December 5th, the city of Paris launched an innovative electric-car sharing program called Autolib’ . Starting with 250 all-electric vehicles, and growing to 2,000 by this summer, the collaborative enterprise between the city and private partners is the outgrowth … Continue reading

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