Tunnel Vision


The Cuyperspassage is a 110-meter tunnel that runs under Amsterdam Central Station offering a connection from the front to the rear of the building for cyclists and pedestrians . Graphic designer Irma Boom created a fantastic Delft blue time mural to decorate the originally bleak passageway based on the work of 18th century Dutch painter Cornelis Bouwmeester. The paintings which inspired the mural can be seen at the Rijksmuseum. The painting depicts a seascape of a fishing fleet alongside the naval warship Rotterdam .

The mural , which is comprised of 46,000 tiles, was produced by the Royal Tichelaar Makkum ceramic company and took five years to complete. Each of the 130 by 130 mm Delft blue tiles was hand painted to reflect the 18th century style. Photos courtesy of Jannes Linders



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