You Too Can Be A Londoner


Carl Goes London is a new flavor in travel guidebooks; it offers a useful perspective for visitors whether they are in London for three days, three weeks or three months. Written with the digital nomad in mind, the book provides guidance on living like a temporary Londoner.


Carl Goes London is the city guide for curious and creative people who want to become a citizen of London for the duration of their stay. Carl Goes London includes:

  • Eight interviews with locals, from entrepreneurial start-up owners to renowned chefs;
  • Information about working in London, including co-working spaces, networking and industry events, practical information about how to set up a business and where to go for a working lunch;
  • Guides to the different neighborhoods in London, including tips of where local residents like to hang out;
  • Our top tips of how to spend three days, three weeks and three months in London;
  • Where to eat and drink in London, from cafés and supper clubs, to traditional pubs and high-end bars;
  • Where to stay in London, from high-end hotels and fully serviced city apartments, to quirky guest houses and design hotels;
  • Ideas of how to ‘get lost’ in the city to explore London for yourself;
  • Practical information about how to get there, get around and generally get by in London for the duration of your trip;
  • Day and weekend trips away from London, and a guide to other places in the world with a similar vibe to London;
  • More than 100 color photographs to give you a sense of London’s DNA



City guides in the series are also available for Amsterdam and Berlin. You can order yours or just learn more about Carl Goes right here.





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