And I Love The Licorice Too


OK, I admit it, I shop at IKEA. In fact, half of my house is furnished by the Swedish furniture giant. My office is lined by the famous Billy bookcases, my file cabinets are all IKEA, even the desk that I’m writing this post on is from IKEA. My kitchen is filled with IKEA cabinets, which are packed with IKEA utensils, mugs, glasses and bowls. Even my den is furnished with IKEA sofa, chair, bookcases, and entertainment unit. So, it’s no surprise that the next time that I’m in Sweden I’ll be heading for the new IKEA Museum.



Located in Älmhult, the brand new museum is situated in the very first IKEA retail store from 1958. The original building has been renovated and now houses a collection of 20,000 plus items sold by the chain over the years. Every piece on display is an original. When the company could not find items, they sourced them from customers. I’m not surprised, I still own an IKEA chair that I bought 30 years ago.


The museum, which actually opens to the public on June 30th, has recreated period rooms, temporary exhibitions, and of course a restaurant where vsitors can get their fix of meatballs and apple cake.







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