Down With Big Brother

Demagogue Franz Poster FNL

As millions of enraged U.S. citizens and supporters around the world take to the streets today—including me—to protest the ascension to the Presidency of the illegitimately elected tumefied, orange klepocrat, we are also ironically noting the anniversary of the death of Eric Arthur Blair (aka George Orwell) on this date in 1950. Today, more than any time in the past, the prophetic neologisms that Orwell create resonate with thoughtful people . The witless cretins who voted for the great tangerine carbuncle seem all to comfortable with the doublethink required of imbeciles willing to support this vulgar, loutish demagogue. It bears restating the obvious, but we will hold the accomplices to this madness accountable in the future. At the moment, it may appear that ignorance is strength, but truth and fact will eventually prevail. Down with Big Blubber !




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