Don’t Be Like These Tourists (Warning: Intense Images)


Many years ago, I chose to cut short my visit to the Terezín Concentration Camp in the Czech Republic due to the obnoxious behavior of groups of adolescents who laughed, joked, and generally clowned around with total disregard for the solemnity of the setting and the feelings of others. Artist and satirist Shahak Shapira has had a similar visceral reaction at Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial, but he’s done something about it. His Yolocaust website documents the loathsome activities of moronic tourists with screenshots from their own social media accounts and a side-by-side photoshopped image from the Holocaust. So far, only one of the featured flakes has contacted Shapira to apologize for their actions.





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2 Responses to Don’t Be Like These Tourists (Warning: Intense Images)

  1. Hexe says:

    Excellent. Outrageous. There is time and place for everything. While I practice yoga myself, I loathe yoga in museums or galleries and some other public places and the self-righteousness so many yoga practitioners display.

  2. Kia Jade says:

    Wow that’s absolutely shameful. Thank you so much for raising this – there is a time and a place for silly selfies and the lack of respect shown in those images is deeply upsetting.

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