Roll Away The Stone

Last year, Reykjavik-based Studio Granda architectural and design group won an unusual competition, sponsored by Akureyri, Iceland’s second city, to create a monument to mark the spot where the Arctic Circle crosses Icelandic territory. The winning design, called Hringur og Kúla, or Ring and Sphere, is a 8 metric ton, concrete globe now set at 66.56°N on the small windswept island of Grimsey 40 km off of the North Iceland .

There were some significant hiccups in getting the giant sphere to the island, including a minor trucking catastrophe and a long delay. But last week, the official dedication finally was marked with a small celebration.

Unfortunately, since the Arctic Circle actually moves each year, the monument will have to be shifted northward by a few meters. And, sometime after 2050, due to the Earth’s axial tilt, the big globe will wind up in the Arctic Ocean. But for now, you can visit after a 30 minute flight from Akureyri or a stomach-churning 3 hour ferry ride.

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