Christmas In Yemen

For his Christmas In Yemen project, the Berlin-based street artist Igor Dobrowolski combines cheery Christmas photos with images of the horrific humanitarian crisis in Yemen, to remind us that these children are living a real hell. One child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen, and during the conflict, at least 4,600 civilians were killed, more than 8,000 civilians were injured, and more than 1,200 children were killed. By the end of the year, at least 50,000 children will have starved to death.

These moving collages on the walls of Berlin, aim to remind us that while we celebrate the holiday season, thousands of children suffer a great humanitarian crisis in the general indifference. The Christmas in Yemen project seeks to raise public awareness about this conflict surrounded by violations of international law, while food and medicine are blocked, and vital supplies will run out in a few weeks. More information about the project on Igor Dobrowolski‘s Facebook page.

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2 Responses to Christmas In Yemen

  1. Hana says:

    Powerful, even without reading the text, but the facts and numbers are chilling. Great idea, and since it is public art, it is reaching many. Definitely will forward. THANK YOU!

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