Book Purge Pain

Every four or five years I attempt a thinning out of my personal library through a merciless book purge. Last year I managed to ruthlessly select about 300 titles and donate the lot to my local library for the annual book sale fundraiser. The video below demonstrates just how difficult the process can be for the inveterate booklover. Bibliophile, comedian, and author Robin Ince, who co-hosts the Book Shambles podcast, attempts to let go of 1,000 books in one go. Downsizing can be painful, but funny too.


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5 Responses to Book Purge Pain

  1. Brett says:

    Those were some tough choices.

  2. margaret21 says:

    We had a book purge about five years ago. I’m not out of mourning yet.

  3. It’s very difficult to give away precious books. I’m impressed that you were able to part with 300. How many were left?

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