Fancy a Pint ?

Way back in the 20th century I spent considerable time visiting London. While I was there I occasionally popped into the random pub to quench my thirst with a pint or two of real ale. As a foreigner, it was sometimes difficult choosing a pub. Now London-based writer Ana Kinsella has created the perfect online game to help discover that special drinking establishment.

 A Pint in London is a narrative-led, web-based game taking the player on a multiple choice trip around London in search of the perfect pint. It’s an uncomplicated game that’s simple to use, but fun and full of surprises. The game’s sometimes circular narrative offers multiple routes and options for players on their journeys around London in search of a good pint depending on mood, time of day, and geography.

You can play A Pint in London for free right here.


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1 Response to Fancy a Pint ?

  1. margaret21 says:

    That was fun. Drunk already and it’s only 08.30 …

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