Is it wrong to fly ?

Due to the constant horrific news about climate change, and the dramatic Extinction Rebellion movement, I have been reflecting more and more about my personal environmental impact and responsibilities. As an aging Boomer, I have to accept my role in creation of the slow-motion climate disaster. Don’t get me wrong, I was “Green” long before it was a thing. I have been a vegetarian for decades and was a re-use/recycle guy when few people cared. Although I drive a car, both of our family vehicles are gas/electric hybrids. Still, I can’t ignore the fact I have been flying both domestically and internationally for decades. In fact, in the last few months alone, I have flown more than 20,000 mile (32,200 kilometers). So, the very thought provoking video below struck a cord with me.


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1 Response to Is it wrong to fly ?

  1. I can’t stop traveling…I must see our world with my own eyes

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