I was very fortunate to spend an entire day in the world renowned Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia a few years ago. It’s almost overwhelming to try and take in the immense institution in one visit. To save our sanity, we carefully planned the visit in advance by mapping out a route through the museum that encompassed just some of the numerous halls. If you haven’t had the chance to visit yet, here’s a great way to visit for free. Using the State Hermitage Museum  as a backdrop, director Axinya Gog made a one-take video lasting 5 hours, 19 minutes and 28 seconds using an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. Masterpieces hang still, dancers use dramatic choreography to provide a sense of direction and orchestral performances arranged by Russian neoclassical composer Kirill Richter unfold in real-time throughout the museum’s 45 halls. Part artistic virtual tour, part performance piece, “Hermitage” is an excellent diversion in our plague times.

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3 Responses to Hermitage

  1. restlessjo says:

    Fantastic, Brian! I could watch over a leisurely breakfast. 🙂 🙂 Hope you’re staying safe and well.

    • Thanks. We’ve been on self-isolation for two weeks already due to medical risk factors, but I can’t complain about my situation. I’m grateful for home comforts and superior companionship. Are you in Portugal for the duration?

      • restlessjo says:

        Portugal is home now, Brian. We don’t have a UK base, but I do feel very isolated from my son and daughter. Like many another I had planned a trip there next week. All we can do now is hope to get through this with all of our loved ones safe. Very best wishes to you and yours. 🙂

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