How Book Lovers Can Help

If you are anything like me, these days you are searching for positive things that can be done. One simple, concrete action is to support indie bookstores, and especially those stores owned by people of color. Most of these valuable community institutions have already been struggling due to the pandemic. So, here’s a list of booksellers that could use your support. Check them out. Order some books or purchase gift cards.

  1. the lit bar
  2. hariett’s bookshop
  3. semicolon bookstore
  4. mahogany books
  5. uncle bobbie’s
  6. loyalty bookstore
  7. dare books
  8. listening tree books
  9. underground books
  10. multicultural bookstore
  11. pyramid books
  12. black dot bookstore
  13. brain lair books
  14. medu bookstore
  15. wild fig books and coffee
  16. frugal bookstore
  17. olive tree books
  18. detroit book city
  19. cafe con libros
  20. revolution books
  21. sisters uptown bookstore
  22. source booksellers
  23. hakim’s bookstore
  24. sankofa books and cafe
  25. turning page bookshop


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