In Bruges

Most of the world has made unprecedented changes to social, work, school, and travel arrangements as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of Europe’s most visited destinations has found a unique way to support the local community during the crisis. If you have been to Brugges, it’s likely that you climbed the historic Belfort tower in the heart of the city. Now that the 13th century monument is closed to tourists, it has been turned into a social distant study hall for students.

Here’s a little piece on how the stunning space has welcomed young people who need to escape from the confines of home.



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9 Responses to In Bruges

  1. So beautiful. This is on my wish list of the places I want to travel to.

  2. Its been years since we have visited Bruges..loved the food and 🍺

  3. I have never been here and it’s on my list of places I would love to visit soon. It just looks so charming.

  4. One of my favourite European cities. Yes, we climbed the tower.

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