This Time Next Year (fingers crossed)

Like most folks, we have been forced to cancel or postpone our travel plans due to the pandemic. As U.S. citizens, we don’t have many options since most countries won’t admit us anyway. But that doesn’t mean we have abandoned all of our travel plans just yet. Prior to the plague outbreak, we had been looking forward to another visit to Iceland. It’s been one of my favorite countries for decades and we had a long road trip penciled in for next year already. For the moment, all we can lean on are our travel memories and amazing films like the one below.

Videographers and artists Jonathan Besler, Kevin May and Florian Gampert created this extraordinary video trekking and hiking Iceland with a Phantom 4 drone. The resulting footage provides all the incentive that anyone could possible require for a visit to Iceland. Titled The North Awakens, the video demands to be played full screen.


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3 Responses to This Time Next Year (fingers crossed)

  1. Sherry Felix says:

    Lovely film. Love to go ther again someday and really se the place.

  2. I just showed a video of the northern lights to my three year old son last night trying to explain to him how the light dances in the sky. It was followed by a lot of “why, why why?” Good luck and I hope you make it next year!

  3. Nikhar says:

    Woww, You brought back all my memories from my Iceland road trip. Beautifully shot video. Thanks for sharing.

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