Boating on the Thames

The next time that I’m in London I look forward to using the recently launched Uber boat service. Thanks to a partnership with Thames Clippers the ride-hailing service will be operating a fleet of 20 boats making stops at 23 docks between Woolwich and Putney. The new service is called Uber Boats by Thames Clippers.

Riders will be able to book tickets on an Uber Boat using the Uber app, which will generate a QR code that can be used to board. However, the boats will differ from Uber’s existing ride-hailing service in that they’ll operate on set routes, as they do currently. Riders will also be able to use existing payment methods to pay for their journeys, including contactless cards and Oyster cards,



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1 Response to Boating on the Thames

  1. Nikhar says:

    That’s so interesting, will definitely try this when I am in London next time. Thanks for sharing.

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