New York City is going to the dogs

Doggy Bags, is a new public art installation on Broadway  NYC’s Manhattan Garment District. The sculptures by New York-based artist Will Kurtz are entitled Doggy Bags and are all create from  recycled materials. The works on display are diverse breeds including an English bulldog named Harriet, chihuahua called Harriet, a pug named Maisy, a bassett hound called Stanley, and a bull mastiff known as Daphne. The installation is part of a year-round program from the Garment District Alliance and this autumn there is an added impetus: to welcome New Yorkers  and visitors back to Manhattan.

Doggy Bags is situated on Broadway between 38th and 40th Street. The Garment District Art on the Plazas installations are supported through Arterventions. It will be up through November 20th.


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