Banksy and Bob

By now, you have likely seen photos of Banksy ‘s latest work painted on the wall of a historic British prison. The elusive street artist officially owned the piece by posting some footage of Bob Ross narration from The Joy of Painting dubbed over video (see below)that shows the street artist painting an image of an escaping inmate on the wall of a former prison in the dead of night.

The artist chose this jail because the writer Oscar Wilde served time there in 1895 on charges of gross indecency. Along with being a tribute to the persecuted author, the work is in support of a campaign to renovate the prison to serve as an arts center and museum.


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2 Responses to Banksy and Bob

  1. Ruth Forman Gardner says:

    So clever! Love it!

  2. BeckyB says:

    have so many memories as a child of walking past these walls!

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