The Best of France

Like many North Americans, I had a romantic notion of France before I actually visited. Growing up with a Francophile Mother who spoke fluent French, read French literature, and played Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour records daily, I was conditioned to love France long before I ever went there. Of course, I was disabused of those rosy notions within the first ten minutes of my arrival at the Gare du Nord Paris. Still, I continue to return to France and have learned to accept the real culture warts and all. So I was tickled by  ‘Keep the Best of France”  the latest campaign from Le Chocolat des Français to promote its new limited edition bars and pay tribute to French life, and the French people, with all of their foibles.

To seduce lovers of France, Le Chocolat des Français has teamed up with TBWA\Paris to create a limited-edition packaging of chocolate bars and a advertising campaign that will highlight the brand’s values of authenticity and deliciousness.

By playing with the paradox of positive and negative clichés about France, the campaign humorously invites lovers of the country to keep the best of France: Le Chocolat des Français and the positive clichés.



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