Does Your Library Hold The Secret To Happiness

If you visit Travel Between The Pages on a regular basis, you probably have noticed that I am a big-time evangelist for libraries and that I really like infographics. The graphics below show how libraries can help patrons not only learn much-needed skills but also live happier lives and be creative in trying new things. They were designed and published back in 2018 as an outcome of projects running within the UK’s innovation fund Libraries: Opportunities for Everyone (LOFE).

The infographics demonstrate what the library services learned from the projects. Backed by facts, statistics, and opinions from project participants, they are a source of inspiration for library proponents. You can read the full evaluation of the LOFE project here.


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3 Responses to Does Your Library Hold The Secret To Happiness

  1. margaret21 says:

    Yes! And here, opening again fully from next week. At last!

  2. yes! I couldn’t live without my public library, it offers so much. you can even borrow tools for home, or cooking utensils

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