Ode to Canada

Airline preflight safety videos are generally ignored by flyers, but sometimes clever production manages to get our attention. Air Canada just released their first updated video in almost 7 years and it’s surprisingly compelling.

The new safety video is called “Ode to Canada,” and offers flyers a journey across Canada while managing to sneak in the safety features of each aircraft in an unobstrusive way. The video covers the nation from coast to coast and is filmed in the following places:

  • Newfoundland & Labrador’s Gros Morne National Park
  • Manitoba’s Little Limestone Lake
  • Yukon’s winter
  • Ontario’s social hospitality
  • Northwest Territories’ Northern Lights
  • Nunavut’s vast expanse
  • Prince Edward Island’s Cavendish Beach
  • Alberta’s foothills
  • British Columbia’s North Shore mountains
  • Saskatchewan’s wheat fields
  • Quebec’s art and culture experiences
  • Nova Scotia’s Lunenburg
  • New Brunswick’s Hopewell Cape

You can watch the new video for yourself here:

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