It’s No Mystery

Marple is a pleasant English town located a short distance from Southport and Manchester. For decades now, the community has been claiming that it was the inspiration for the name of Agatha Christie’s iconic sleuth Miss Marple. The town has gone as far as commissioning these colorful posters of some of the novelist’s most popular titles. Sadly, the entire Marple-Marple connection is based on an apocryphal tale of Christie’s frequent visits to the town. Still, it makes for a great story over a pint in the local pub and for these wonderful book posters.


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4 Responses to It’s No Mystery

  1. restlessjo says:

    Can’t blame them for a little enterprise. The posters remind me of some on the platform of the railway station in my old home, Hartlepool. Another pleasant place.

  2. That’s my home town, or as near as makes no difference! I get up in the neighbouring village of High Lane but spent my formative childhood years scouring the shelves of Marple Library to discover all manner of wonders.

  3. What a great way to display the posters of the books 🙂

  4. Beautiful posters and nice legend!

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