Neglected Books

I was recently reminded to visit the wonderful website Neglected Books which reviews and writes up books which are, as the name says, neglected. It features authors who have fallen out of fashion, obscure imprints, anything that’s a bit musty and lost in the stacks of time. If you’re love books and literature then this is an absolute treasure trove. Within minutes, I hit on a link to Rockwell Kent’s memoir  A Journal of Quiet Adventure in Alaska .The book, which the author illustrated himself, is one of those titles that this bookseller/collector kicks himself for selling and not keeeping for his personal library. You can see the full edition right here on the Internet Archive.

Neglected Books’ editor Brad Bigelow also offers some excellent long reads on writers that we all think we know, but may not really. For example, he recently posted a story titled Simenon’s romans Américains exploring the once widely popular Belgian mystery writer’s time in the United States.


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  1. Thanks, I didn’t know that website on neglected books.
    Simenon is quite a phenomenon. He has written so so much, besides the already huge Maigret series, 74 volumes – I have read 12 only so far, with one of my French students. And he wrote under so many different pen names!

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