The Perfect Holiday Gift For Someone On Your List

Miller High Life’s Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit brings the best of the holiday season together : arts & crafts, gingerbread, dive bars and beer. Almost everyone loves a good gingerbread house and building one is a wonderful seasonal activity. But maybe it’s time that traditional concept gets shaken up a bit.

The popular North American beer brand Miller High Life has created a novel twist on the traditional gingerbread house with their ironic and fun Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit.

It’s been quite a few years since I spent any time hanging out in a good dive bar, but I have some fond memories of the ones that feel cozy and unpretentious. Now we can build our own dive bar, including gumdrop lamps, peppermint bar stools, and a cheerful, mustachioed bartender. Supposedly the gingerbread itself is baked with beer, to give the whole kit a more bar-like feel.

I’m sure there’s that special arts&craftsy someone on your holiday list who would treasure this unique kit.

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