The Bookcase of Tolerance

I’ve visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam many times over the years and I’ve always been moved both by her family’s story and the Museum’s goal of promoting tolerance. The organization recently release an AR-based project called The Bookcase of Tolerance: you need to download the app to get the full experience, and once you’ve done so you get to place a bookshelf in AR and then, by pulling various books off its shelves, you are able to step into dioramas and explore the personal stories they contain. For example, you can explore the attic room in which Anne spend so many months in hiding from the Nazis, or the rooms of four other people whose stories speak to the dangers of racism, or gender prejudice, or antisemitism. The AR here is really very well-done in hi-res and detailed.

According to the Anne Frank House:

The project “The Bookcase for Tolerance” aims to achieve that by sharing Anne Frank’s story and modern-day, authentic, personal stories and struggles. Though it’s crucial that we never draw direct comparisons between Anne’s and our protagonists’ stories.

Our goal is to use the power of personal testimonials to educate people, in order to influence their attitude and their behaviour towards those considered to be ‘different’ – so we can all live in a more tolerant world.
A world without discrimination.



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