Book the Vote

The group Writers for Democratic Action along with dozens of independent booksellers, librarians, and the student group Democracy Matters has launched a new project called  Book the Vote, with the aim of registering more voters, particularly in battleground states, before the November  2022 U.S. elections. The effort will take place in bookstores and libraries, where nonpartisan voter registration tables will be set up with the participation of writers and local voter registration groups. Plans call for BTV tables to be available to register voters on Saturdays this spring. During this summer, the tables will be open on Sundays, too, and by fall, tables will be staffed five days a week. WDA said that the Book the Vote project “aims not only to add the unregistered to voter rolls, but to nurture civic resistance to anti-democratic manipulations of elections.”

WDA noted that last year “19 states passed more than 30 laws to make voting more difficult, mainly in the name of voter fraud that never happened. Gerrymandering after the 2020 census specifically targeted the power of Black, Latino, and Native American voters. The Supreme Court and state legislatures have gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and the Congress, stymied by the filibuster, has been unable to pass much needed voter protection legislation. The urgent defense of democracy falls to citizens, who must vote in numbers never seen before, voting in part to keep the vote.”

If you are interested in the project, there’s More information here.




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