Museums About Everything

If you visit TBTP regularly, you are probably aware that I have a bit of a museum obsession. In fact, it’s been said that I never miss the opportunity to visit a museum no matter how small or obscure. Now, I’ve discovered a website that does nothing but explore unusual museums.

Niche Museums is the passion project of Simon Willison. Each week he adds another odd, but interesting attraction to explore. Here’s what he has to say about the project:

Why niche museums? So many reasons:

  • Once you start looking, there are museums about everything. And they are everywhere!
  • If someone cared enough about something to create a museum, that thing is interesting.
  • The smaller the museum is, the more likely you are to meet the person who founded it. These are people you definitely want to meet.

My aim is to add a new museum to this website every week. The most recently added museum is always the first item on the homepage.

A random sample of the website uncovered some great museums that I wouldn’t pass up. For example, the Beat Museum in San Fransico (photo above), which collects memorabilia of the Beat Generation. And the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum with a collection that includes antique voodoo dolls, talismans, taxidermy and multiple altars, some of which are used by Voodoo practitioners today.


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1 Response to Museums About Everything

  1. margaret21 says:

    Great plan. As you’re a traveller, I’m looking forward to offbeat European offerings from time to time.

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