Forgotten Books, Forgotten Stories

Last month, I found a very interesting piece in Smithsonian Magazine titled “How Much Medieval Literature Has Been Lost Over the Centuries,” which linked to six-minute video from the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the journal Science about how much medieval literature has been lost over the past 500+ years. The video describes how group of European scholars has applied an ecological theory — the “unseen species model” — to try to determine the survival rate of medieval manuscripts. The estimate is about 9 percent overall; English literature is even lower. The topic sounds dry, but even non-bibliophiles will find it fascinating.

NB: If the video does not appear in your email. please check it out directly on the blog website.

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2 Responses to Forgotten Books, Forgotten Stories

  1. Carol says:

    A very bizarre mapping. I hope it holds up. Interesting post.

  2. Very interesting. Thank you.

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