Test Your Artistic Acumen

If you have been swept up in the Wordle craze, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, has created Artle, an art-guessing game for those who want to test their artistic acumen. Like WordleArtle offers up just one puzzle a day. The goal is to identify the artist of the day—with nothing more than four artworks, unveiled gradually, to guide your decision.

To play the game you enter an answer by typing into a dropdown menu, which will generate the name you were thinking of. The artists’ names will appear last name first in the menu.

Artle is definitely more challenging than Wordle, given that there are 155,000 artworks by 15,000 artists in the gallery’s collection utilized in the game.


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1 Response to Test Your Artistic Acumen

  1. Fabulous, thanks! I have some on words in different languages, geography, flag, math, music, and now art

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