Sunday Sundries

Atlas of endangered alphabets – is an excellent project aiming to save indigenous and minority writing systems.

High Life – Just discovered that you don’t even have to leave home to read British Airways’ really rather good in-flight magazine. Worth getting the free app, but you can also read online.

Ribbon Map of the Father of Waters – Is an 11-foot spooled map of the Mississippi River from the 1860s that fits in your pocket.

The paper airplane collector – Harry Everett Smith spent decades rescuing hundreds of paper airplanes from the streets of New York. The result is a collection of random print ephemera.

The Happy Reader –  Penguin’s fabulous literary zine is always a good read.

Library tourism – Austin Kleon on the joys of visiting libraries everywhere he travels.

How medieval manuscript makers experimented with graphic design.

Artvee, public domain art search engine that’s very cool and offers free downloadable artwork.


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1 Response to Sunday Sundries

  1. margaret21 says:

    A marvellously eclectic collection. Thanks!

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