Surf’s Up

It has been decades since my surfing days (and by surfing days I mean a wet weekend at the Jersey Shore), but the Surf Truck Hotel has me dreaming of hanging at the beach in Portugal. The mobile accommodation in a luxurious hotel truck offers the heady possibility of an adventure getaway.

The concept of a rolling hotel has been around at least since the 40s in Germany. The Rotel, first conceived by Gerog Höltl to transport guests through the Bavarian Alps, expanded as far afield as pilgrimages to Israel, journeys across the Sahara starting in 1969 and a two month voyage to India.

After years of traveling to the best surf locations in Europe and Africa, the truck’s owners – Daniela Careiro and Eduardo Ribeiro – were inspired to create a retreat on wheels that would help other surfers explore uncrowded surf spots with the best waves. According to Ribeiro and Careiro, “Every morning we wake up with the best view, serve the buffet breakfast on board, surrounded by nature in rural tourism farms and natural camping parks. We take you to amazing places in Algarve and Alentejo, according to the experience you’ve chosen, either…surfing on different beaches along the coast or exploring the spectacular nature with different outdoor activities.

The short video below gives a taste of what travelers can expect from the rolling beach hotel:

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