Land Art Leaves a Big Footprint

Close to Mongonissi Bay on the Greek island of Paxos, you’ll find this 1000 square meter land art project. It is a huge print of a boot. The artwork, called Footprint , was created by the Greek artist The Krank. It is a metaphor for the human impact on the world and the consequences of our actions. The Krank is creating this work for the 2022 Paxos Biennale.

Here’s what Krank had to say about the installation:

Conceptually, ‘Footprint’ deals with the meaning of loss. Nature, ecosystems, and biodiversity are all in a variable state with a negative sign. The parallelism that emerges through the impermanence of my work, and our presence as a species, reinforces the message I wanted to communicate. Everything is fluid, and nothing should be taken for granted.

NB: if the Footprint video above fails to launch, please visit our homepage.

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