How Far Can You Go

I’ve run across quite a few stories about this very neat website over the past week or so and thought that TBTP followers would be interested.

How Far Can You Go By Train in 5h? is an interactive map which shows you how far you can travel from any European rail station in less than five hours. Hover over any location on this map (within the highlighted area in Europe) and you can view an isochrome layer which shows you how far you can travel by train in hourly increments. The nearest train station (from which travel times are calculated) is highlighted on the map in black.

The travel time data used to power the isochrone layers comes from The map assumes that any interchange between two different trains is a blanket 20 minutes and that travel between two interchange stations will be undertaken at a little over walking speed.

h/t to Maps Mania for this little trip down the rabbit hole.


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1 Response to How Far Can You Go

  1. restlessjo says:

    You do find some goodies. I’m at Faro airport waiting for a flight to the UK. Something to play with 🤣💟

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