Going Supersonic

I never had the opportunity to fly on the supersonic Concorde airliner, but I’m hoping to get a chance to travel on Boom Supersonic’s new Overture jet when the plane begins carrying passengers in a few years. While it’s not the “90 minutes from New York to Paris” that the band Steely Dan envisioned in the 70s, the supersonic airliner promises to cut transatlantic travel time by half. The airplane is able to travel at Mach 1.7, which is two times the speed of today’s fastest aircraft.  It also has a nonstop range of 4,250 nautical miles and a cruising altitude of 60,000 feet.

This will make it possible to jet between New York City and London in 3.5 hours, in comparison to its current 5.5-hour flight. Alternatively, it could get between Seattle and Tokyo in 4.5 hours instead of eight-and-a-half hours.

Boom Supersonic’s Overture will use 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Its aerodynamic design of a tapered front that spans out towards its rear allows it to reduce drag and fuel consumption. It will also incorporate four wing-mounted engines that will essentially drastically reduce noise for passengers onboard flights.

A number of airlines, including United, have already placed orders for the supersonic jets which will hopefully be in service within six years.

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