Pound Sterling Gets Pounded, But London’s For Free

The headlines bemoaning the precipitous slde in the value of the British Pound have created an itch for me and many other Anglophiles to get back to London posthaste. While that’s not quite feasible at the moment, I of course took a deep dive into travel planning for this winter. While exploring sites that I’d like to revisit and attractions that I haven’t seen yet, I stumbled on a story about a recent study on international travel that claims London has the most and the best free tourist attractions out of any city in the world.

While my travel writing days are well in the past, at one time I was a self-appointed expert on London travel. In fact, I wrote a very successful guidebook for free London travel. Although my travel books are long out of print, I try to stay abreast of tourism developments in Europe.

Radical Storage, a luggage storage company, analyzed over 22.9 million TripAdvisor reviews from nearly 150,000 tourist attractions around the world to come up with their ranking of the best cities with free attractions. They looked at both the quality and quantity of the freebies. The analysis looked at attractions like parks, galleries and walking or bike tours. London came up on top for quantity and quality with 1,389 free tourist attractions.

Top five cities for free tourist attractions:

  1. London
  2. New York
  3. Paris
  4. Washington DC
  5. Rome

See the full index by Radical Storage here.



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  1. Kuster says:

    Great books👍

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