The Unimaginable Future

“Alicia Eggert sculpts neon, steel, and time to make art that inspires reflection and wonder at the finite nature of human life within a seemingly infinite universe. In September 02022, Alicia brought “This Present Moment,” a sculpture adapting the words of Stewart Brand, the co-founder of The Long Now Foundation and creator of the Whole Earth Catalog, to Mount Washington. The neon sign was re-assembled among the mountain’s bristlecone pine trees (pinus longaeva), some of the longest-lived trees in the world. This documentary traces the sign’s journey to the mountaintop and explores the power art has in shaping the way we think about time.”

Edited and directed by Justin Oliphant.

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1 Response to The Unimaginable Future

  1. margaret21 says:

    A thought-provoking video. Thanks.

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