Not a scientific survey

“An Italian, speaking English, rating croissants on YouTube, in Paris, while the French people are doing a massive strike. That’s the magic of Europe in one video!”

Over the last week or so, I’ve run across the wonderful short video below at least three times. After my first viewing, I knew that I’d have to eventually share it. There is something about the deadpan humor of what would have ordinarily been a run of the mill travel piece that tickled me. All I know about the filmmaker is that he is 25 years old and lives in Bologna, Italy.

NB: if the video fails to launch, please visit our homepage .


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5 Responses to Not a scientific survey

  1. Hexe says:

    Gotta love the French for keeping up the fight. Love and support for defending their rights! C’Mon US! 😍🤑🤩🥳🤬💩

  2. Hexe says:

    And… $1.30-1.50 for a croissant?! About $4.50 here. What the…?

  3. restlessjo says:

    Crazy! And I’m a little bit off the French, at the moment.

  4. Mad says:

    We’ll always have Paris. More power to them. Us. US.

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