Frivolous Friday

Last month, a small sailboat in distress was rescued by a massive 18th-century sailing ship. “This moment was very strange, and we wondered if we were dreaming. Where were we? What time period was it?”

“So however surreal those cities, the invisible ones that he builds, they have their counterpart in the real. They always have their counterpart in visible cities.” Darran Anderson on Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities.

CATS OF MANY LANDS by Louis Wain (New York/Paris/London: Raphael Tuck, 1914).

A Saint of your Own Province

“To gain your own voice,
forget about having it heard.
Become a saint of
your own province
and your own consciousness.”
– Allen Ginsberg

You too can now take a virtual tour of the Pech Merle prehistoric cave paintings.


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  1. I love these posts with so many various fun contents. Thanks

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