What’s your sign

I have recently noticed a number of stories online suggesting that there is a resurgence in the popularity of astrology. While I do not want to wander into the quagmire of discussing  astrology, it’s interesting to note that the pseudo-science has a long history of capturing the popular imagination in the United States.

Solar Biology by Hiram E. Butler (no relation) may have been the first book in North America to publicize a simplified astrology. Before Butler, astrological readings usually required quite detailed calculations involving time and place of birth that may be familiar to more hardcore astrology buffs. Butler’s book directly influenced the English astrologer and founder of modern astrologyAlan Leo. It is also interesting to see the Christian religious underpinnings of Butler’s work.

Solar Biologyby spiritualist and cult leader Hiram E. Butler, was published in 1887 by The Esoteric Publishing Co., one of the commercial arms of Butler’s Esoteric Fraternity. In addition Solar Biology, Butler and his followers published over 30 books, booklets, and periodicals from the group’s compound in California. The book was continually in print until 1970.



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  1. Wow that is such a cool book!

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