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Get Ready To Waiver

U.S. citizens have enjoyed the ability to take spontaneous trips to Europe for decades, but soon there will be an extra step to take before leaving for Europe. Currently, a U.S. passport is suffient documentation to enter European Union  countries … Continue reading

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House of European History

After ten years of planning, and a €55 million investment, The House of European History has finally opened in Brussels, Belgium. The new museum hopes to provide visitors with an overview of the history of Europe since the French Revolution and … Continue reading

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Euro Hacking

Responding to the social, cultural, political, and emotional impact of the ongoing European financial crisis, the Greek artist known only as Stefanos has created a thoughtful project called Euro Banknote Bombing. His ink drawings of tiny human figures reflect the … Continue reading

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Hogy Mondjak

There’s no denying the fact that American travelers in Europe benefit from the widespread European proficiency in English. But after visiting most countries in Europe, I can testify that the advantage of being a native speaker of the 21st century’s … Continue reading

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No papers, No problem

Düsseldorf-based, Polish-born photographer Josef Schultz traveled throughout Europe for years documenting abandoned passport control points, border posts and military check points. In his resulting series “Übergang”, Schultz digitally manipulated the landscape by removing commercial signage and by subtly blurring the … Continue reading

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Saving Pompeii

The European Commission, along with the Italian government, has announced a four-year, € 105 milion plan to protect and improve the archeological site at Pompeii. Dubbed Grande Progetto Pompei, or the Great Pompeii Project, the plan is the result of … Continue reading

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