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Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Sometimes Paris can seem like one enormous movie set. Apparences is a beautiful, if somewhat surreal, video experiment directed by French duo Clarice et Maxine,who morphed iconic attractions and street scenes into a massive Potemkin Village.

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Paris : Down the Rabbit Hole

I first had the pleasure of visiting Shakespeare and Company bookstore more than 30 years ago, and I still return without fail each and every time that I’m in Paris. But not every book lover gets to browse Europe’s most … Continue reading

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Paris 1900 – 2014

The clever folk at the website Golem 13 have created a marvelous set of photomontages that marry images from vintage Paris postcards with the same contemporary scenes photographed last month. You can see the complete series of images here. all … Continue reading

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What makes Paris look like Paris

Even if you have never had the opportunity to visit Paris, you probably have a very clear notion of what the city’s distinctive architecture looks like. Not simply the iconic sights, such as Notre Dame and the Louvre, but the … Continue reading

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